DeTour Drummond Community CU

Board of Directors

The credit union Board of Directors is composed of seven credit union members who are voted in by the membership.



Directors of the DeTour Drummond Community Credit Union (“DDCCU”) will be expected to bring to the Board a broad range of knowledge and depth of experience from their chosen business or profession, as well as an understanding of the principles and values of DDCCU and the community it serves.

Directors should have a fundamental understanding of their role and responsibility to the Credit Union. Directorship on the Board of DDCCU is not a public office, and although the Board will be representative of the community which it serves, the Director's primary responsibility is to act at all times in the best interests of the Credit Union. This fiduciary duty is both a legal obligation and is mandatory under the terms of the Credit Union's By-Laws.

A Director should possess integrity, be willing to articulate his or her views frankly, be able to work productively with others, and have the ability and willingness to commit the time and effort required. Directors should be fully informed regarding their responsibilities and liabilities as a Director prior to a commitment to serve.


Director candidates must be a member in good standing and who have the ability to comply with the appropriate Board Process Policies and meet all of the following minimum qualifications:
• Credit Standing: Must have had no financial obligations with any institution, company or agency extending credit which are or have been delinquent more than two consecutive monthly payments at any time during the past four years, and

• Bondability: Must qualify for bonding with the credit union’s Insurance carrier, and

• No Criminal Record: No felony convictions or pending felony charges, and

• Is free of any real or perceived conflict of interest that might reasonably be expected to prevent him or her from acting in the best interests of the credit union as a whole and independently of any particular interest arising as a result of any previous, existing or future relationship with the credit union, its members, regulators, competitors or suppliers.

• Must have been a member in good standing for the past one year.


Contact Hilary for an application to fill out to apply for eligibility.


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